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Christine Walsh

Christine Walsh Coaching & Consulting
Steamboat Springs
My name is Christine Walsh and I am on a mission of empowering women to make money on their terms. 

I am inspired to see a future where money is guided by principles of flow, flexibility, inclusivity, and generative-ness (AKA the triple win: financial prosperity for biz owners and their teams, for their customers and clients, and for the global collective.)

I dedicate myself to ensuring money is a conversation that is normalized and a force for good. I am committed to blending the practical and strategic aspects of finances with the emotional intelligence aspect of finances to create an integrated approach to driving revenue and profitability in women-owned businesses. 

When I consider what makes me unique, it is undoubtedly my innovativeness while staying grounded in the numbers, as I hold the bigger vision of money and it is the role in your business and lifestyle. 

I am invested in my growth on a personal level, and there is part of me that is mastering how I am my own best cheerleader. 

Every day I wake up for work excited to see my clients embody their own inherent abundance as they experience making clear money decisions from a place of ownership and agency with financial results to match. That is true financial freedom. 

I love doing what I do best: being a clear mirror for my client’s financial struggles and empowering them to actualize their financial celebrations.