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Jim Preston

SV Startup Lab
Co-founder, Web app developer
Old entrepreneur who has founded, co-founded, or significantly helped others found about 100 startups in a dozen industries in Silicon Valley, Alaska, and the Russian Far East.  Recently relocated to Fruita mostly for better mountain biking after many years of riding Grand Valley trails spring and fall.  SV Startup Lab is the umbrella company for projects / potential startups currently focused on the platform business model.  Currently coding a Web app for the next startup.  Full stack JavaScript software developer.  Also expertise in accounting and taxes as a former CPA, some aspects of law and litigation support work from law school, co-built California's largest storm, sewer, and water pipeline construction company, former rancher, started working in California agriculture at age 10, California wine media, commercial remodeling, and much, much more.  See https://jimpreston.tech.  Grew up in California's first mining town, New Almaden, and currently exploring old Colorado mining towns and Utah slot canyons.