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Leslie Dysart

Smartbug Media
Social Media Specialist, Paid Media
Grand Junction
Hi, I'm a Western Colorado native, and I love marketing, specifically, social media marketing. I started in content creation - directing, shooting and editing a web series with my actor-friends in LA, I also took their headshots as a way to pay for my very expensive camera. My day-job at the time was copywriting, as you can imagine, adding photo and video services made me more money. Long story-short, content plays a huge role in marketing, and over the years I transitioned from content creation to marketing strategy to my current role focusing on paid media.

I currently work for Hubspot's Partner of the Year, Smartbug Media, a fully remote marketing agency that was remote from the beginning, way before it was cool. But I love to chat with entrepreneurs and inspire small businesses to share their stories on social media.

When I'm not reading marketing trends or buying media for my clients, I LOVE to be in the mountains (my favorite are the San Juan's) hiking and taking photos/video with my hubby and daughters (One human, one pup). Also, I'm contemplating buying a camper van... what do you think? If you have one, let's talk! I'd love to hear about your experience!