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Mark M. Whelan

Future Center Ventures
Chief Education Officer
Los Altos Hills, California

After a near death experience with a Box Jellyfish, I realised that my purpose in life was to become an authorand chief education officer which lead to me founding Human Centered Leaders: a Silicon Valley professional coaching company that focuses on mental wellness and performance.
Before that though, I studied Social Entrepreneurship at Oxford University, became a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, supported the UK Consulate initiative GBx, practiced two years of mindfulness with a Burmese Monk, and completed Kundalini Yoga introspection courses at an Indian Vedic temple.
I have recently hosted workshops at Stanford and U.K.T.I. initiatives (attended by C-suite from J.P. Morgan, Stanford, Kissinger Assoc, Apple et al). I have hosted senior members of the UK Cabinet, along with coaching clients from Fortune 100’s, and even, royalty. I have found living in London, Rome, NY, Sydney, LA, Frankfurt, and Palo Alto has played an important role in my education.