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Pasquale Verrastro

Bestslope Public Affairs
Grand Junction
I created a public affairs firm based out of Colorado's Western Slope (the bestslope) that specializes in engaging the public through targeted media, professionally developed campaign strategies, direct canvassing, and petitioning. I have gone through the same growing pains that most start-ups go through, however often times I find that dealing with the public and public figures carries an additional burden. My goal in attending the start-up week is to find skills that can help me better manage the business side of my company. Particularly, creating boundaries for working hours, better budgeting, and how to direct growth that happens too fast or too slow. I want the business management side to become a well-oiled streamlined machine. So that, I can direct my focus on why I started the business, bettering our community, helping to elect good people, and implementing better policy. The business in the last year has taken on a life of its own, I have a degree in Political Science, not business or management. I'm hoping the people I meet at the Western Slope Start help me develop "floaties" for when I feel I'm treading water in the business world.