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Dr. Terri Finney

Startup Wellbeing

I address human dynamics to help individuals, and teams clarify their purpose and achieve goals to be successful in the business of life. I coach executives either for remediation or for development in the areas of self-awareness, interpersonal relationships, influence, leadership, and engaging employees. I coach individuals to bring their "A" game or to write a new life story or navigate change. I assist small businesses, including family businesses, to develop strong teams, and make sure the right person is in the right job. Entrepreneurs and start-ups are a particular passion.


I have been collaborating with people in their goal of personal mastery for the past 25 years both as a therapist, consultant, and coach. While I have extensive experience in the field of human behavior, my expertise extends to organizational development dating back to a double major in psychology and business at the University of Colorado. I consider myself a "bridge" professional in that I am able to work in professions that overlap with psychology, particularly law and business.


I am a skilled evaluator with a myriad of assessment tools from which to draw. These assessment tools are useful especially in terms of identifying strengths and clarifying goals. In addition to business and personality assessments. I draw from the sciences of psychology, behavioral economics, and neuroscience.